First Blog Ever

My first blog ever…. Never been much of a writer, more of a talker. I am hoping my passion for real estate, helping folks, my day-to-day adventures and my love for local travel will give whoever decides to read this a smile, laugh, or help you find your passion or at least a break from your workday.

Just a little about me, married to my rock since 2007, Bill. We currently have 2 awesome dogs and 5 cats. We are always sending each other dogs that are in the shelters, and I am sure one day we will have 3 dogs again. As far as our cats, all but one found us and they all have very unique personalities.

I love music and get excited when folks share new music with me.

Could play Euchre for hours and will probably talk Sh*t the entire time about how I am the best, but I have lost my fair share of games.

Slightly obsessed with indoor plants, gardening and playing in the dirt.

Within the last year we started to feed wild birds. This has been fun watching and discovering how each season will bring new and different types of birds.

Riding SXS, walking the dogs on trails, campfires, yoga, hosting parties, cooking, always wanting to travel, hoping to learn guitar one day, having a small greenhouse, list could go on of all my passions, what brings me joy and thirst for knowledge and growth.

Have a great day and don’t forget to share your smile,
Tina Owens,

Broker, Owner
Owens Real Estate Firm

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