How To Hire A REALTOR ™

First, there is a difference between REALTOR and Real Estate Agent. To become a license real estate agent in Ohio, you must take the required classes and pass state and national examinations. A REALTOR had to do the same thing along with becoming a member of the National Association of REALTORS. REALTORS are held to a higher standard and must honor Code of Ethics. Not all real estate agents are REALTORS, but all REALTORS are real estate agents.

  1. You must remember when hiring a REALTOR the process could take 1 week, 1 month, months or years so you must feel comfortable and have confidence in your choice. You may have to call or interview a few agents before you find the right one and that is OK just remember to be truthful with the Realtor and let them know you are interviewing and want to find the right fit. If they are good at what they do, they will understand and ask follow-up questions to make sure your needs and wants are being met.
  2. Ask what locations or markets they work or have experience in. I am the first to admit the markets that I work in and the markets that I have limited knowledge of. We can’t know all the markets and locations, but we can study and learn.
  3. Knowing or asking for referrals is probably more important than knowing their units sold or volume. If a REALTOR has happy clients and customers that will reflect on their work habits and how they work for the best interests of their clients and customers. Sure, having a high volume or units sold is also key but knowing they represented the best interests of their clients or customers is probably even more important. In my opinion, this reflects integrity and work ethics.
  4. Communication is key in the real estate process. Ask how they will communicate and how often. No right or wrong answer, this would come down to preference of the person selling or buying. I have had some folks want daily, weekly, or only updates when I have news. But setting the expectations will help all parties navigate the process.
  5. Along with communication, How will they communicate? Phone calls, texting, emailing or combination. There is no right or wrong answer, but your preference is more important than their preferred method.
  6. Asking for a brief rundown of the process of selling or buying. While no two transactions are the same, a professional and experienced REALTOR will be able to give a brief rundown of the process.
  7. What type of ongoing education, training or classes have you obtained? In the Amazing State of Ohio, we are required to have 30 hours of continued education every three years. I would like to know if they are taking additional training or classes or just doing the state minimum. When a person loves what they are doing they will want to obtain as much knowledge as possible. This will also reflect if they will give you the minimum or go that extra mile to get the job done.
  8. “Why should I hire you to be my REALTOR?” The answer would come down to your personal preference but hearing the answer you will come to the conclusion of being comfortable and confident.

I hope you find this helpful when searching for your next REALTOR ™

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